IQ Academy of Driving is a Ministry of Transportation Ontario Approved Beginner Driver Education Course provider. Coinciding with our motto, “teaching intelligence on the road”, our primary objective is to provide students with an exceptional learning experience. We aim for students to develop the necessary knowledge and confidence in becoming safe drivers and passing the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s road test on the first try.

Whether you are a new driver or an existing driver who wishes to refresh their driving skills, IQ Academy of Driving can help you become an intelligent, confident and safe driver. Our MTO—Approved Beginner Driving Education Course consist of 20 hours of in-class lessons, 10 hours of home link and 10 hours of in-car lessons. Our classes are highly informative and thoroughly engaging with a strong focus on road safety and accident prevention. Using the latest up-to-date technology and software systems, our team ensures efficient learning. IQ Academy of Driving also relies on various creative teaching methods including PowerPoint presentations, classroom discussions, interactive activities, and group work in order to address each student’s diverse learning needs, thus achieving the student’s comprehension of the materials being taught.

In-car lessons comprise of friendly instructors and a calm setting. The instructors at IQ Academy of Driving are professional, patient and compassionate individuals with excellent communication skills, clean driving records, and extensive knowledge of up-to-date motor vehicle laws & regulations. Our instructors are experienced individuals with high success rates of their students passing the Ontario G1, G2, and G road tests. Punctuality is another significant quality possessed by all our instructors. Meeting students on time and responding to students’ concerns via text messaging and/or email within 24 hours is guaranteed.

In addition, IQ Academy of Driving provides flexible dates and affordable prices, so join us today to fulfill your driving needs and to achieve a rewarding driving experience.